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what next after a car accident

What to do After a Car Accident?

Most parents get very disturbed and tensed once their teenage kids pass their driving tests, and are awarded their long-awaited driving license. The tension comes from imagining the occurrence of road accidents. Your age, that is how long you have been driving and the precision you take while driving is less likely to prevent you from being involved in an accident. However, chances are you will most likely get involved in an accident if you are just starting in driving.

Living in panic and vowing never to drive are of no use, even so; most important you are supposed to be ready for the occurrence of an accident and know how to deal with it. The following are various tips on actions to take in case you are involved in a car accident.

Remain cool. In the case of occurrences such as accidents, you may be overwhelmed by emotions. This is dangerous, as it can draw your attention from what is happening. Take a deep breath, and then consider counting either one to ten, or even ten to one. This will ensure you are alert enabling you to take relevant action.

If you are with others in the car, look out and ensure they are safe. Though most injuries can be seen, some are usually invisible. In case you notice any unusual behavior such as dizziness or feeling of pain, immediately ask for help by calling 911. Maintaining your calmness, provide relevant and useful information to the one who picks up your call. Give them your name, contact number, tell them the place you are and give some details on what happened. Remain on the line until you get assistance.

You may be granted permission to move the car to the side of the road, to pave way for traffic. This, however, depends on where you live. In case no permission is granted, immediately erect warning devices around your car to alert other traffic users about the accident.

Proceed towards the other driver, request for their driving license to obtain their license number, address, name, and phone number. Not forgetting, to also ask for their insurance information.

Where minor accidents occur, note everything you see concerning the accident, by writing. Begin with the date, time and also the weather conditions present. Give detailed information on everything you can see, like the vehicles involved in the accident, the street of the occurrence, available traffic signs and the direction each of the vehicles approached. To capture much information, take photos if you can access a camera.

If possible, make a simple drawing showing the area of accident occurrence. Keenly indicate the positions of each car setting out the direction they came from. Also, seek information from available third parties. Look for any bystanders around who witnessed the accident, request for their names, not forgetting their contact information. Most importantly, ask them to explain the occurrences of the accident, as they viewed them. With this, in case of challenges in resolving the accident matters, their information will assist in setting out clear what occurred.

The court and insurance companies will find this information helpful in determining who caused the accident. In case of fatal and bigger accidents, do not hesitate to call the police and inform them of the occurrence.

Once an accident has occurred, people at times get filled with unending feelings of culpability and fright. This is mostly the case of fatal accidents. If you feel distressed by this, consider speaking to someone you trust, for instance, a relative or friend. Do away with any negative feelings to ensure you recover from the scare and get back to normal.

Personal injury lawyer Lakota Denton, widely regarded as one of the best in the industry has the following expert advice:

  1. Stay at Scene & Move to a Safe Area
  2. Check on other people
  3. Call the Police
  4. Gather Relevant Info
  5. File an insurance claim
  6. Keep a record of events
  7. Take Pictures of the Accident Scene
  8. Get Medical Treatment Even If You Feel Fine
  9. Get Your Property Damage Assessed
  10. Hire a Personal Injury Attorney



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