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How to Claim MAX Auto Accident Compensation for Broken Ribs

Auto Accident Compensation For Broken Ribs

If you have suffered a chest injury in a car accident, you may be able to claim auto accident compensation for broken ribs. When it comes to rib damage, our Auto Accident Attorney network can help you claim compensation from your insurer or the other party, depending on who was at fault.

Average Settlement for Car Accident Broken Ribs

The average settlement for broken ribs in a car accident is $3,750 per rib, increasing to $8,000 per rib including medical bill, loss of earnings and generalized pain and discomfort. This figure can increase if the broken ribs cause long term chronic issues.

Car Accident Rib Fracture Claims

The process for claiming and winning compensation in car accident rib fracture claims is the same, regardless of complexity or nature of the injuries sustained. Car accidents and other forms of road accidents are the leading cause of serious injury suffered each year in the USA. If you need compensation for broken ribs in a car accident, we have extensive experience in these cases. Car accident rib fracture claims are one of the most common types of claims our USA network of Auto Accident Attorneys work on.

Auto Accident Compensation For Rib Injury

Over two million car accidents a year across the country lead to a blunt chest trauma leading to rib or trunk injuries. One of the most common types of injury suffered by car accident victims in the United States is a rib and torso injury.

What Rib Injuries Get Compensation in a Car Accident

Most rib injuries from a car accident will receive compensation of varying amounts. The payout depends then on the type of injury that has been sustained and whether there has been other damage to the breast such as significant soft tissue damage and wounding. All of these are called ‘aggravating factors’ and can increase the amount of compensation payout. A further aggravating factor will be if the victim has internal stab wounds from broken ribs puncturing other organs, such as the lungs.

A classic dictionary definition is a rupture or fracture (which is why we used the terms interchangeably) in the ribcage. But it can also be called a broken rib if the cartilage connecting the ribs to the sternum is broken, although technically no bone is broken.

Auto Accident Compensation for Chest Trauma

When a chest trauma occurs, a broken or broken rib is a common consequence. Car accidents are a major cause of breast trauma and therefore one of the main causes of broken ribs. If you need help reimbursing treatment costs for a broken rib, an expert such as personal injury lawyer Robert H. Astor can assist you.

Ruptured ribs or fractures due to car accidents are usually due to an impact on the chest during the collision. Fractures or cracks can occur when the driver collides with the steering wheel, when a passenger collides with the dashboard, or when the seat belt is pressed against the chest in a high impact crash. Rib fractures, which are painful and can take months to cure, are the most common type of injury seen in a blunt chest injury (chest area), according to the Mayo Clinic.

Auto Accident Compensation for Rib Breaks

Car accidents often lead to broken ribs or fractures and are characterized by sharp, sharp discomfort in the chest. When the chest strikes the steering wheel during an accident or is hampered by a seat belt, it is common for the ribs to be broken. Injuries of the internal organs: Any damage to internal organs such as the heart can be manifested by chest pains and also a sign that a heart attack is imminent.

An accident involving a broken rib can also cause lung, spleen, blood vessel or other bodily injury. A collapsed lung is a common injury if a rib is broken or punctured. Symptoms that can occur with a broken rib include mild to severe pain in the injured area, pain in breathing, and pain around the fracture when pressure is applied to the sternum.
While the first rib is rarely broken, it is associated with the second rib with severe blood vessel and nerve injuries, especially when the rib fracture is displaced.

First and second rib fractures are also more commonly associated with facial fractures and head injuries than other rib fractures. They are usually caused by a blunt force trauma to the chest or crush injuries to the chest, which are often associated with a fall or a motor vehicle accident.

Broken or Fractured Ribs in Car Accident

When looking to calculate the value of compensation in a car accident where the most serious injury was broken or fractured ribs one of the biggest challenges is fighting against the undervalue of rib injuries. Many auto insurance companies are notorious for undervaluing broken or fractured ribs in a car accident. The Auto Accident Attorney Network are experts in fighting for compensation to the full value of the harm suffered.

Rib Injury Cases

The pain in fractured rib cases can immense and usually means victims are unable to lead a normal life while recovering. Everything becomes painful such as coughing, bending, laughing, lifting and even breathing in some instances. However, because there is nothing medically that can be done to ‘cure’ these rib injury cases there is no ‘medical bill’ to be paid, save for some strong painkillers. Insurance companies therefore try to discount the pain and suffering because historically ‘pain and suffering’ is linked to medical billing.

How to Claim MAX Auto Accident Compensation for Broken Ribs
How to Claim MAX Auto Accident Compensation for Broken Ribs


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