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Car Accident Face Injury

Car Accident Face Injuries

Car accident face injuries are almost inevitable in any collision unless it’s a very low speed ‘fender bender’. Injuries are caused by impact, airbags, flying glass and other occupants not wearing seatbelts.

Another common form of injury in a car accident is neck injuries. The most common type of neck injury is whiplash. However, you may also experience severe neck loading, muscle strain, or more severe injuries such as cervical dislocation and disc injuries. Injuries to the neck are often felt immediately, although the true extent and severity of the injury is usually only known when diagnoses and treatments are made after the accident or after the time before the patient seeks medical attention.

Upper back and spinal cord injuries are more serious types of back injuries. A displaced bone fragment can damage nerve cells in the spinal cord, which transmit signals to the brain, resulting in a loss of sensation or paralysis. Whiplash is a very common neck injury that occurs in an accident and is almost always co-occurring with car accident face injuries.

Severe Car Accident Face Injuries

The severity of facial injuries sustained by victims depends on the circumstances of the collision. Facial injuries range from temporary ones that heal quickly, to heavier ones that leave permanent scars or disfigurements. Facial injuries can usually be divided into four categories: soft tissue, bone, tooth and joint injuries. Joint injuries: Temporomandibular joint injuries (TMJ) can sometimes occur when the steering wheel is hit by a car accident.

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Face injuries often leave a permanent scar and the victim has to deal with the psychological and emotional effects for the rest of his life. As with any other instance of personal injury, under Missouri law accident victims can receive compensation for pain and suffering as well as future medical expenses and consider the duration of the injury. While pain and suffering from fractures and back injuries are often easily detectable, this does not apply to facial injuries. The total cost of facial injuries, especially with permanent scars, are quite high.

Car Accident Face Injuries Attorney

If you or your family members have suffered facial or jaw injuries in a car accident, have your claim reviewed by a lawyer in our Auto Accident Attorney Network before agreeing to a settlement.

We also know that many victims of car, truck and motorcycle accidents can develop TMJ, which can be very painful and requires expert care and treatment. When considering a claim against a negligent car driver, it may also be important to consider any dental trauma that has occurred as a result of the accident, as well as facial injury.

Types of Car Accident Face Injuries that Get Compensation

Most car accident facial injuries receive compensation, it’s simply a case of maximizing the payout. A serious car accident will likely cause many types of catastrophic injuries such as:

• Broken bones
• Cuts and lacerations
Facial trauma
• Crushed frontal lobe
• Tinitus
• Burns
• Dental Injuries
• Eye injuries
• Chemical burns from battery acid

Face Injuries form Car and Bicycle Accidents

Traffic accidents are considerably more dangerous for cyclists due to lack of physical protection. When cars and cyclists collide the car accident face injuries sustained can be devastating, life changing and often fatal. If you’ve been hit by a car or truck whilst cycling its important to seek the right level of compensation because your injuries will be significant and could very well develop into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Car Accident Face Injuries Caused by Faulty Car Products

In the event of a collision the airbag will deploy. The invention of the airbag has saved countless lives, yet when the airbag explodes it does do with such force that it can break bones and cause serious wounding. Sometimes airbags explode without impact and in this instance the liability for the accident will rest with the manufacturer.

Apart from scars, other forms of disfigurement can be caused by an accident such as eye injuries, cuts and soft tissue damage. Burns on arms and legs are particularly noticeable after skin grafts, and head injuries that leave scars on the scalp can lead to visible bald spots for the rest of a victims life.

Treatment of Car Accident Face Injuries

Disfigurement due to facial injuries may require surgical correction and leave a victim with a permanent scar. Face injuries in car accidents can be caused by broken glass or shock with a steering wheel, dashboard, windshield, airbag, side window, car seat or hard surface. Disfigurement due to facial injuries may require surgical correction and leave a victim traumatized by their new appearance.

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The treatment of facial injuries depends on the type and extent of the injury suffered. When bones are broken on the face, the treatment can involve extensive surgery and a long recovery period. A plastic surgeon is almost always needed to treat facial injuries and minimize scars. Patients with severe facial injuries may show permanent scars and malformations despite the best possible treatment.

An expert auto accident attorney will work with Doctors, Plastic Surgeons and medical facilities to delay payment until settlement, leaving victims free to concentrate on their recovery instead of being worried about mounting debt.

Car Accident Face Injury Payout

Lawyers in the Auto Accident Attorney Network are on hand in every major city in the United States and Canada and have witnessed the following average car accident face injury payouts:

• Eye injury: up to $650,000
• Nose injury: up to $85,000
• Facial disfigurement and scarring: $10,000 – $800,000 +
• Facial fractures: up to $85,000
• LeFort Fracture: up to $250,000
• Fractured cheekbone: up to $20,000
• Serious cheekbone fracture: up to $45,000
• Mouth injury: up to $85,000
• Fractured jaw: up to $25,000
• Serious jaw fracture: up to $100,000

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Car Accident Face Injury
Car Accident Face Injuries


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