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Negotiate a Settlement with an Auto Insurance Adjuster

5 Tips to Negotiate a Settlement with an Auto Insurance Adjuster   Insurance. Necessary. However, at times, stressful.   Americans pay on average $1500 a year in auto insurance, and this is just to cover losses in case of an accident. Still, how many times have you hear...

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No Fault Insurance State

What is a No Fault Insurance State Policy No fault insurance is a type of Auto Accident Insurance in which the policy holder is covered for the losses by their own insurance cover. In a no fault insurance State it does not matter who is deemed to be at fault, because the policy holder is covered by their own Insurance Company. Di...

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Payout for Whiplash

There are approximately six million motor vehicle accidents in the United States alone, every year. Of those, three million people end up injured. One of the most common of these compensation claims? Payout for Whiplash. Whiplash injuries, which can occur at speeds as slow as 5 miles per hour, include soft tissue damage typically synonymous with...

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Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are often much more complicated than other types of vehicle accidents. There are numerous state and federal trucking regulations governing the operation of large commercial vehicles, and these laws have a significant impact on your compensation. The burden of proof of liability in a truck accident is also much more complicated th...

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