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Motorcycle Accident Compensation

The Definitive Guide for Motorcycle Accident Compensation

If you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident crash that was caused by somebody else, then you may find yourself wondering about motorcycle crash payment amounts and whether you’re eligible for motorcycle accident compensation. Motorcycle accidents happen for a range of reasons including defective or malfunctioning parts and it could occasionally be unclear who is responsible.

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If you’ve recently been hurt in a motorcycle accident and have any questions regarding submitting a claim or receiving compensation, please contact our experienced motorcycle crash lawyers today to schedule a totally free consultation. Even if you were involved in a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault, we might be in a position to help you successfully claim motorcycle accident compensation.

Motorcycle Accident Compensation Rates

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 5,966 people died in motorcycle accidents in the United States last year, up 5.9 percent. Motorcycle fatalities have increased for the third consecutive year and are at another record high. A common cause of motorcycle accidents in the United States is a biker overtaking another vehicle in the same lane that’s already occupied by the motor vehicle being overtaken so in many instances the accident can be down to rider error.

Motorcycle Accident Compensation Average Payout

Motorcycle injuries are diverse and often very serious. Any impact at even slow speed can result in injuries such as broken bones, paralysis, lacerations, impact wounds, broken ribs and in many circumstances motorbike crashes are fatal. The average compensation payout varies considerably yet stands at $185,000 in 2019.

Average Motorcycle Compensation Payouts for Specific Injuries:

Quadriplegia: $880,000
Paraplegia: $2million
Serious Head Injury (Brain Damage): $4million (or policy limit)
Locked in Syndrome: $4million (or policy limit)
Total Impotence in young males: $250,000
Middle aged males with children:$ 60,000
Severe Pelvis Injuries: $200,000
Leg instability, hip replacement: $50,000
Minor Pelvis injury: $12,000
Total Loss of Both Legs: $880,000
Below-knee Amputation of Both Legs: $500,000
Above-knee Amputation of One Leg: $300,000
The Most Serious Injuries short of Amputation: $220,000
Serious leg injuries: $55,000
With multiple fractures, limited movements: $33,000
Fractures with incomplete recovery: $18,000
Simple fractures: $5,000
Amputation of All Toes: $65,000
Amputation of the Great Toe: $33,000
Crush injury just short of amputation: $23,000
Moderate toe fractures: $2,000

Motorbike Accident Recovery

The period of time required to recover after a motorcycle accident may vary, based on the intensity of your injuries. Motorcycle accidents frequently have unique issues when compared with personal car crashes. Even if you think that the motorcycle accident wasn’t the fault of another person, it can be that somebody is to blame for paying compensation due to negligence or liability. Road traffic accidents including motorcycle accidents are the most typical kind of accidents in the United States.

Life, Death and Motorbike Accident Compensation

In a more severe accident, the injuries might be such that you don’t ever get back to how you were before the crash. If you recovered from your motorcycle collision injuries and only missed a couple of weeks of work, you ought to be in a position to manage your claim without a lawyer. However, for anything more serious we recommend a free compensation consultation with an experience motorcycle accident attorney. In the event of a fatal motorbike crash the loved ones of the deceased should be working with an auto accident attorney.

Type of Motorbike Accident Compensation

The precise amount of compensation you will receive is tough to quantify. You might be entitled to motorcycle collision compensation for your injuries. Yes your motorcycle incident compensation can be reduced for what’s referred to as contributory negligence. Getting appropriate motorcycle crash compensation is not too uncomplicated and quick to claim and there are lots of different things involved in it. You should know what kind of motorcycle accident compensation you’re entitled to received.

When you have to earn a motorcycle collision claim, you would like a specialist motorcycle collision attorney. If you have a motorcycle collision claim, we’ll fight your corner. Bicycle accidents claims and motorcycle crash compensation are a really various facets of private injury litigation to road traffic crash claims.

Your attorney must build a strong case that could demonstrate why you need to recover a certain sum of reimbursement. It is crucial to consult a lawyer immediately in the event that you have been hurt in a motorcycle collision. Such lawyers offer advice about the specific amount of reimbursement for which the victim is eligible. It is essential that you receive a skilled and skilled lawyer to represent you. As soon as possible, get in touch with a personal injury attorney who has handled motorcycle cases in the past because they are somewhat different than a regular automobile collision case.

Insurance companies have a reputation for offering lower settlements to claimants that aren’t represented. The insurance carrier won’t be afraid to deny your claim by arguing your injuries were not the consequence of the incident.

Meeting a Motorcycle Accident Attorney to Discuss Compensation

Upon meeting a motorcycle attorney for the first time after an accident they will need to understand your version of the accident so be clear and prepared and make some typed up notes before the meeting. Keep your notes to around one page in length and use plenty of bullet points.

The attorney will need to understand your injuries and treatment so its beneficial to bring some brief medical notes for perusal. You will also need to disclose your insurance information and information on whether you’ve negotiated with the insurance adjuster.

The attorney will be able to advise you of any potential claim and will follow up this meeting with a formal engagement letter, setting out the terms and conditions of your legal agreement and the next steps to be taken.

Motorcycle Accident Compensation
Motorcycle Accident Compensation


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