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Self Driving Car Accident

Self Driving Car Accident

Traditionally, when a car crash or accident occurs due to manufacturing or design error then the car manufacturer is financially liable for compensation. For example, a steering wheel fault or an airbag deploying for no reason. However, the self driving car accident presents a whole range of new and complex legal issues for where can fault be apportioned if the collision is caused by a mixture of human and autonomous control.

Auto Accident Liability for Autonomous Vehicles

Once completely autonomous vehicles come onto the mainstream market, the entire concept of motor liability insurance will change as auto accident liability shifts to automakers and software developers. Autonomous vehicle developers are even finding ways to differentiate their own operating systems by finding competitive advantage in operating systems. Car manufacturer Volvo have stated they will pay for any vehicle-related injury or property damage when they launch their fully autonomous drivers’ system in vehicles.

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Critics of this new technology argue that the complexity of these machines will increase the risk of product failure, which could mitigate some of the safety benefits of eliminating the risk of human error when driving a vehicle. When investigating accidents involving autonomous vehicles accident reconstruction experts will focus only on the product itself, and the actions or inaction of the occupants are irrelevant to determining the cause of the accident. Therefore, liability in a self driving car accident will ultimately rest with the manufacturer in future.

Problems Finding Fault in Self Drive Lawsuits

Since the vehicle is operated by a computer rather than a human, accident reconstruction experts focus only on the product itself, and the actions or inaction of the occupants are irrelevant to determining the cause of the accident. However, what about civil liability when an autonomous vehicle has a human driver, capable of overriding the system. If a ‘driver’ has the ability to ‘control’ the vehicle yet the vehicle crashes who is at fault? The operating system that should have prevented the collision or the driver who ‘could’ have taken control and therefore ‘prevented’ the accident.

Tesla Self Driving Car Accident Compensation

Accidents with Tesla models are already more complex than typical car accidents because both the driver and autopilot software can operate the vehicle. Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Tennessee and Texas allow completely autonomous cars on the road without drivers, if certain requirements are met. Many other States are edging towards Self Driver Car Legislation.

If the driver does not take control in an emergency, the driver may have caused the accident. If the driver takes control of the vehicle and does something to cause the accident, that same test may also be responsible for the accident.

Self-Driving Car Accident Involving Two Autonomous Vehicles

As with other car accidents, each involved party can have a different story about what caused the accident. However, driverless vehicle accidents can be more complicated because it may not be clear whether the driverless vehicle system or the driverless software was responsible for the accident. In the case of a driverless vehicle accident, the investigation may require experts to check the accident evidence and data to determine what caused the accident.

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One of the biggest legal tests will come when two self driving fully autonomous cars collide. In this instance it will likely be a deep dive into the operating systems of each vehicle to determine fault, and how each operating system reacted to various external environments and road conditions.

An even bigger legal precedent will be set when two self-driving fully autonomous cars collide both using the same operating system, made by the same manufacturer. In this instance the same manufacturer and operating system will both prosecute and defend the same case.

Self Driving Car Accident Attorney

These questions are going to become the subject of much legal wrangling over the next decade, as auto accident attorneys and the United States Judiciary struggle to create precedent and evolve automotive Law. For now, it’s generally accepted that autonomous vehicle software can be fallible, and therefore in many test cases the manufacturer has been held liable for compensation. The specialist Auto Accident Attorneys in our Network have leading edge knowledge of self driving car accident law and are ideally placed to represent you in a self driving car accident lawsuit.

Advantages of Autonomous Vehicle Technology

One of the alleged advantages of autonomous vehicle technology is that the number of accidents caused by human error is reduced. While we can only speculate what impact, driverless cars will have on traffic accidents, one thing is clear: A car, bus or truck accident can be devastating, whether caused by a computer or a human driver.

One thing is for certain, and that’s self driving cars are here to stay, with studies showing the predicted death rate on roads in North Amercia to fall from 25 per 100 million vehicle miles traveled (VMT) to around 1.12. And whilst self-driving cars haven’t driven enough total miles to prove they are safer than human drivers, the expectation has been laid down.

Uber Self Drive Car Accident

If you are hit by a Uber, Lyft, or other ride share vehicle operating in autonomous mode, or were a passenger in a Lyft or Uber car accident, this can result in a complicated insurance claim. It is best to contact an Uber accident lawyer to represent you and guide you through this process as efficiently as possible.

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Self Driving Car Accident
Self Driving Car Accident


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