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Texas Auto Accident Compensation Guide.Texas is a Comparative Fault State so be Fully Armed with the Facts & Claim Max Texas Auto Accident Compensation

Texas Auto Accident Compensation

In the state of Texas, the limitation period for most property damage and personal injury is two years. This means you have a maximum of two years to claim for Texas Auto Accident Compensation if your car accident occurred in the Lone Star State.

Texas Auto Accident Statue of Limitations

Limitation periods are an important reason why it is important to contact a knowledgeable and experienced car accident lawyer in Texas as soon as possible after your accident in Texas. The statute of Limitation in Texas is two years for Personal Injury and the same two year period applied for damage to Property.

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It’s important to remember that the Statute of Limitations applies to the start of an action and not the case settlement time. Once an insurance claim or claim has been filed, the average timeframe for settling a car accident may vary, though if it goes to Court in Texas do expect a long wait, often up to two years.

Texas Auto Accident Compensation Claims

With the two year statute of limitations enshrined into Texas State Law at Sec. 16.002 and Sec. 16.003 most people will file an insurance claim with the negligent party’s insurer immediately. However, it is not always possible to solve each case adequately through the insurance process. Its a well known fact that auto insurance companies seek to minimize compensation payouts and maximize their own profits. Texas State Law gives provision to litigate against a negligent driver and by default, their auto insurance company.

Is Texas a No Fault State

Texas is not a “no fault” state. The State of Texas is a “comparative fault” state. In Texas, each vehicle driver has to take financial responsibility for any car accident in which they deemed are more than 50% ‘at fault’. However, comparative fault also allows a Court to reduce compensation payouts if it deems both parties ‘at fault’ to some extent.

Auto Accident Attorney in Texas

Discuss your accident with a trusted car accident lawyer Texas who can assess your true claims for damages. When bills pile up, your main concern is probably that they get paid as soon as possible. Financial burdens are common after a car accident and unfortunately cause many people to accept a settlement offer from an insurance company as soon as possible.

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All the Texas attorneys in the Auto Accident Attorney Network are compassionate, professional and friendly. With the other party they are dogged, ruthless and aggressive. It’s not personal, it’s simply the result of the adversarial legal system in the United States. There must always we a winner, and by default a loser. It just depends to what extent someone ‘wins’ or ‘loses’ in the Comparative Fault Legal System in place in the State of Texas.

What to do Immediately after a Car Accident in Texas

In the event of an auto accident in Texas involving property damage or injury, Texas law requires all involved drivers to stop and stay at the scene of the accident until they have provided the necessary assistance and information. Drivers who cause an accident must contact their own insurance companies, which are responsible for compensating victims for their losses. If another driver was negligent and you claim an insurance claim, the amount of your compensation depends on many factors.

Leave your vehicle if you are sure and check if other people involved in the car accident have been injured. Sometimes the way the cars make contact can make the difference if the insurance company accepts or rejects your request for a car accident in Texas. Remember, if the cars need to be moved before law enforcement arrives, to protect your safety or the safety of others, make sure you take multiple photos of all the vehicles involved in the car accident before you move them.

Get Maximum Texas Auto Accident Compensation

You must build a strong car accident claim to get the maximum compensation in Texas. Talk to our Auto Accident Attorneys in Texas about car accident violations, billing rules and how to deal with the insurance company. Every year, more than 2.5 million Americans end up in the emergency room because they have been injured in a car accident and Texas has one of the worst car accident records in the United States. A phrase we hear consistently in Texas is ‘buckle up, lawyer up’.

How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help in Texas

Our car accident lawyers have many years of experience negotiating with hospitals to reduce hospital liens to help resolve a car accident. According to the experience of our car accident lawyers, injuries to the spine from motor vehicle wrecks are extremely common, as is severe whiplash. Victims of car accident injuries often require comprehensive physical therapy to fully recover from their injuries.

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The auto accident attorneys in our network have established relationships with medical providers who specialize in helping victims recover from car accident injuries. They have relationships with doctors, surgeons, pain management, diagnostics, pharmacies and surgical centers. Our car accident lawyers have relationships with surgeons who perform a variety of procedures and delay billing until your claim to a car accident has been settled. In addition, we maintain relationships with anesthesiologists, surgical nurses and surgical facilities who are willing to postpone payment until your accidental damage is complete.

Texas Traffic Accident Statistics

According to the Texas Department of Transport over 19,000 people were seriously injured or maimed on Texan roads. A horrifying 1,834 people lost their lives last year in rural traffic crases, with alcohol playing a major part in the Texas Automobile Bloodbath.

T-Bone Accident Compensation in Texas

T-Bone accidents are also known as side impact collisions. Because of the nature of impact, occupants usually suffer significant and catastrophic injuries. Unfortunately many T-Bone accident victims succumb to their injuries and they become a fatality.

T-Bone accident compensation in Texas is fraught with complexity because of the ‘comparative fault’ nature of auto accident law in the State. If you’ve been involved in a T-Bone collision in Texas schedule a free consultation with an Auto Accident Attorney. Don’t accept any insurance offer and don’t admit liability, even if the Police tell you that it would be in your interest to do so. An auto attorney will be able to sniff out a ‘lowball’ insurance offer even it looks generous.

Texas Auto Accident Compensation Guide.Texas is a Comparative Fault State so be Fully Armed with the Facts & Claim Max Texas Auto Accident Compensation
Texas Auto Accident Compensation Guide.Texas is a Comparative Fault State so be Fully Armed with the Facts & Claim Max Texas Auto Accident Compensation

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