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tips for a great legal resume

Three Key Tips For Great Legal Resumes

It is commonly said that the key to success is being willing to go the extra mile when others sit on their hands. This is most certainly the case in terms of putting together a winning resume for the law industry.

The fact of the matter is that employers regularly get hundreds of submissions for every law job they post. While many of the resumes they receive are from folks who don’t have the proper qualifications, the pile of paperwork that needs sorting is substantial indeed.

As such, it is crucial to do everything possible to make your resume stand out and get to the top of the pile. There are three easy ways to make this happen, namely, making sure your document is properly organized, contains no errors and is tailor-made for the position you are seeking.


Resumes are best when they lay out the relevant information to a prospective employer in a way that is logical, neat and appealing to the eye. It should be easily and quickly skimmable as well. Unique and dramatic designs should be avoided. Those with vast employment experience should summarize their credentials at the top of the page and use a reverse-chronological organization of previous jobs and educational background.

No Errors

Resumes are more than rundowns of your past jobs according to Exceptional Resume Writers. It should also represent your finest, most detail-oriented work product. Misspellings, odd spacing and other errors can make a truly bad impression and lose you the job you want. Proofreading is always time well spent. It is wise to have a second set of eyes review your final draft so that any and all errors are caught and corrected before sending.

Tailored Submission

There is no need to do a new resume for each and every job posting, but it is smart to take a master version and make tweaks to suit the specific positions for which you are applying. This shows that you are a good fit for the precise job you are seeking and helps you stand out from the crowd.

By taking the time to put your best foot forward and show a prospective employer that you pay close attention to detail, are committed to making a strong impression and will do what it takes to succeed, you can boost your chances of securing the job you desire and build the future you truly want to have.

Three Key Tips For Great Legal Resumes


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